Abby Owens
Abby is a stunning singer-songwriter sharing her talent along the Treasure Coast and more. I had asked Abby to be part of the project because of how commanding she is in conversation and in performances. Hear more about Abby here: https://www.reverbnation/abbyowens

Alejandra Perez
Aly Is an NPC Bikini competitor with the Imperial Physiques team and has earned some amazing trophy hardware for the work she has done to sculpt her own canvas. The Flag Project was under way when I had invited Aly to take part knowing ahead of time how valuable her look would be to the entire mosaic. IG: @alygainz

Ashley Wright
I met Ashley when she was a student that Lincoln Park Academy on the dive team and since then she has been the subject of some of my favorite images captured over the last few years. Ashley is a model with Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited and can be found on Instagram at @ash_mwright.

Dawn Andrus
I am a part-time model who loves to empower and encourage others to be everything they were called to be thru fitness, friendships and service to the community. I love woodworking and rock art. I am addicted to Pinterest and Converse sneakers.

Caitlin Russell
Caitlin is one of two in this project that you can find with an IMDB profile. Caitlin Russell is a dynamic, provocative actor and model. Featured in corporate videos, short reels, and independent films, Caitlin possesses a rich personal history plus curiosity to bring depth to the characters she portrays. Caitlin has also done print, electronic and runway work. She is a student of the arts, athletic, a pet owner and an avid traveler.

Chelsea Autumn Byrd
Chelsea & I have worked on numerous projects together over the years. I chose this image of her for the project because she is usually carefree and goofy with this image showing a more intense side. You can find This future nurse and avid Dallas Cowboy fan is on Instagram at @chelseabyrd.xo

Danielle Robinson
Danielle and I first crossed paths when she was a student in St. Lucie County. When we tripped over each other in the county chambers recently I knew I had to have her in front of the camera as the beautiful young woman she grew up to be.

Kimberly Terpening
Kimberly is a music teacher in Palm City, an accomplished singer and an award-winning NPC bikini competitor. Kimberly was the catalyst for the Flag Project being the first one to be draped in the beautiful flag scarf.

Diana Smart
So nepotism reared its head when my sister, Diana, asked for a shoot with me on a visit from NYC. I saw it as a great opportunity to get her in this project. Diana is one of two project models with an IMDB bio and currently a producer for 'Chopped' on The Food Network

Kyle Ricciardi
Kyle is the lone male in the Flag Project. Kyle is an NPC competitor where we would also do a shoot with Imperial Physiques after a competition. There are few men that I get in front of the camera that are as comfortable as Kyle so I was thrilled to make this image and have him be part of the Flag Project. IG kylericcardi

Meegan Ricketts
Meegan and I also met through an NPC show which led to another amazing shot with her as a post-apocalyptic warrior in a Mad Max styled photo shoot. See those pix and more on Meegan's Instagram page @fitmeegs. If anyone needs advice on how to be uninhibited in front of a camera Meegan is your source.

The Flag Project 

Lisa Johnson
Lisa and I met through StarStruck theatre where she approached me with an interest in photography. I told her the best way to learn is to get in front of the camera and understand what your subjects are feeling. Looks like she totally gets it!

Deanna Director
Deanna's last name is perfect because we met with her being a director on a Westworld project we worked on together over a 3-day weekend. Hardly knowing me at all she was an immediate yes when I asked her to wrap the flag scarf around her bare shoulders. Find her on Instagram: @deannadirector

Kayla Cox
Kayla and I met at her senior photo shoot which was so much beach fun! That shoot parlayed into this Flag Project event where she made it very hard which final image to choose. Find more of Kayla on Instagram at @kaylaa_cox

Stacy Moore
Stacy and I had talked about shooting together over the last few years but hadn't made it work so when I saw she was pregnant at the time I was doing the principal photography I had to rope her in and have something to share with her child hen he/she is older. Stacy is on IG at @stacyadelle92

Tracy Vinson
Tracy was one of the first people I met when I moved here to Florida in '95. Tracy is very camera aware and has made some great images over the years with me. Tracy is also the only grandmother in the Flag Project. I tell you that because I doubt you could tell by looking at her.

Heather Scarborough
I was born in Florida and raised on the Sunshine States' East Coast. I enjoy living near the ocean and participating in any challenging opportunities. Riding my motorcycle and working out at the gym are my favorite stress releases. My interests include music, dancing, playing the piano, graphic design for which I have an Associates Degree in Advertising Design and my Pit Bulls, which are dear to my heart.

Patricia Silverberg
I literally tripped over myself when I passed Patricia in the hall at a dance recital audition for her daughter. My camera can capture those eyes, smile, body and yes, THOSE CURLS! I was glad to have the time during our shoot to listen to her amazing heart of her family and God. Patricia is on IG at @curlsbyp

Chrissy Suits
Christine is a triple threat to an agent. Besides her beauty & skills in front of the camera she is athletic AND an opera singer. Find her & her new endeavors at Rebel ROOge on Facebook

Beverley Hale
Beverly is the only model from across the pond from England. I love listening to her Brit wit and that inviting accent. Beverley competed in her first NPC event and came away with a beautiful trophy that looks just like her. Her healthy lifestyle makes her a great source of nutrition knowledge. Beverley is on IG @fyreniyce

Candra Harris
I loved Candra's naive sense in front of the camera. It is new and foreign but she is amazingly poised and takes direction so well. Candra is also an NPC bikini competitor with Imperial Physiques. Candra can be found on IG on name perfect for her at @im_really_a_mermaid_5793

Shauna Stone
I'm saving a great person for last. Shauna is the youngest of the Flag Project. Those who know her should be quite surprised to see an image so intense as she is always laughing and channeling her own silliness. Find Shauna on IG at @shaunabahnahna

It started as a simple prop for a photo shoot with one of the models you're about to see.

From there, by request, it was used in another and then another. I saw a growing theme &

then draped it over many of the models of other shoots over the year.

The flag scarf opened them up and everyone was somehow a little less inhibited during their shoot.

With the power it possessed please enjoy some examples of our shoots together with the flag scarf.

Be Sure to scroll for their bios, stories and links