A one hour shoot can include up to 3 clothing changes.

You will receive a digital link to download the high-resolution images to your computer.

A makeup artist and hairstylist is not included in my package price but can be made available with proper notice.

Are you preparing for a figure/fitness competition?

Are you crossing a fitness goal off your bucket list?

I offer several option to document the road you're travelling.

Progression Shoot to your Goal

We will meet a few months before your competition and then the day after for a shoot with images that portray your road to your goal.


Keeping it simple

Before & After Shoot

Creative Portrait Photoshoots

location Portraits

Your business, political campaign, LinkedIn page and more are ALWAYS branded first with your face.

Contact me about making a new, hi-resolution headshot that will get you the

attention that draws a crowd to your agenda.

Prices vary on the amount of people and time spent so please contact me for your custom package

Put your best face out there

Figure, fitness and Bodybuilding


Location portraits can be used for individual model photography, family, engagement, prom and more.

I will find that spot that clearly defines what you are looking for to make your images pop.

Our part of Florida has a beautiful collection of beaches, parks, gardens, rural and even urban locales.

A photoshoot between you and I is a collaborative effort. I seek your ideas to better understand what images you are seeing in your head and how you perceive yourself or your family. I suggest you go to 500PX.com and type something in their search window that mirrors a key word of what you are looking for, Such as motorcycle, beach, sunset, athletic and so on.

Once you have seen a few that you can see yourself doing send me the links and I will look to see what it would take to make our version of whatever inspired you.

There are two great ways to force yourself to make your goal.

#1 Tell a friend. Tell everybody. They will police over you and    knowing they know your goal will motivate you to stay your  course

#2 (and my personal favorite) Photograph the entire        progression over several months.

 If you have, for example, a nine-month goal we will meet once  a month with each photoshoot discounted to $74.95 each    month when paid in full and a minimum of 7 months.